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Although formerly cited as a "border blaster" this station's present Rosarito transmitter facility strongly favors service to Baja California, and not to the U. AM Stereo was first demonstrated on XETRA Tijuana in the 1960s using the Kahn independent sideband system; later tests were run via US and Canadian-based stations. In succeeding decades, XTRA (without the "E", as U. listeners would otherwise refer to) would switch formats numerous times.During most of the 1970s and 1980s, XETRA continued as a beautiful music station, competing with K-JOY on the FM dial.Since Clear Channel managed the stations, this was counted against their ownership limit under this ruling.Management interest of some of these outlets, including XETRA-FM, XHRM-FM, and XHITZ-FM, was spun off into Finest City Broadcasting, owned by a former Clear Channel executive.Shortly after, XETRA had a brief stint as an all-news station, carrying syndicated programs such as Rush Limbaugh, before becoming one of the U.S.'s first all-sports stations, billing as "XTRA Sports", affiliating themselves with ESPN Radio.Ultimately, XEWW would be assigned a Class I-B priority—inferior to the Canadian station, but superior to all U. stations on 690 k Hz—and, incredibly, this protection of the Canadian Class I-A facilitated the eventual allocation of a U. co-channel Class II-B station just one state over, in Arizona.Since 1941, the required separation has been 40 k Hz, and this separation is still mandated in a so-called "border regions", but Mexico has been using a 30 k Hz separation (20 k Hz in rare cases) for stations wholly within its borders, most notably in the Mexico City area.

However, Grupo Latino has continued a local marketing agreement with Clear Channel to this day.(In 2010, Finest City sold the operating rights to XETRA, XHRM, and XHITZ to Broadcast Company of the Americas, which had already operated XEPRS, XHPRS, and XEPE.) The first day of broadcasts of W Radio was February 6, 2006.Effective December 19, 2007, XETRA's call letters were changed to XEWW to better reflect their W Radio programming.When interest in the Beautiful Music format died down in the late 70s, XETRA switched formats to Top 40/adult contemporary music, once again billing itself as "the Mighty 690".Later, the station switched to an oldies format, and XETRA called themselves "69 XTRA Gold".

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