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Check out also measurements of Kate Upton, Sofia Vergara, and Kim Kardashian. Scarlett’s first big role was in The Horse Whisperer movie.

Johansson's twin brother, Hunter, also made an appearance in the film.

The film featured several superheroes and villains from Marvel Comics, including Downey as Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Chris Evans as Captain America.

Later that year, Johansson took on the character of real-life film star Janet Leigh in which was highly criticized for its whitewashed cast, most notably Johansson's character, who was originally supposed to be Japanese.

At age eight she appeared alongside Ethan Hawke in the Off-Broadway production (2001).

Johansson came into her own playing more adult roles, notably that of the disillusioned Charlotte, a young woman bored with her life and her marriage who starts a complicated relationship with a middle-aged man (played by Bill Murray) in , a comedy about a bachelorette party.

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