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It's full of drunk teenagers, coming back from the beach. We made a video of this song with some animators who lived in Portland. I looked out the back window and saw a car coming at us sideways. When he straightened out, he was so pissed-off that he chased us for 25 minutes through the alleys of Portland. Time after time my car was nicked or grazed or rammed. "The Three Great Stimulants" The three great stimulants of a morally decaying culture, as Nietzsche observed in Germany prior to World War II, are artifice, brutality, and innocence, or should I say, the exploitation and corruption of innocence. And when the record came out, it appeared that some of the churches had been keeping an eye on me.

We went up there to meet with them and we were sitting in a Vietnamese restaurant deciding what the accident should look like on film. My hands were in the prayer position in the back window pleading for him to calm down, calm down. Pat Robertson challenged me to a debate on The 700 Club. The ministers of the Crystal Cathedral and Episcopalian churches wrote letters of congratulations. Every time I pressed a button, a little square lit up and read, "Empty Try Another." So I went to Henry (Lewy, the recording engineer) and we got a microphone with an extension cord. They're not piano chords, they're not guitar chords. " I said, "Well look, these women are bone thin, their babies are dying in their arms.

My daughter's father left me three months pregnant in an attic room with no money and winter coming on and only a fireplace for heat.

The spindles of the banister were gap-toothed- fuel for last winter's occupants. "Underneath The Streetlight" I had an apartment in New York.

Special thanks to David Geffen for the file in the cake.

It took a while to even notice that a new singer had been introduced.

We conceived of the car rolling on its side with the trunk and the doors flapping. In the years that followed, Jimmy Swaggart, whose sermon is presented here, was caught in a sexual scandal, and Time Magazine, having dismissed this song as either sophomoric or adolescent thinking (I can't remember which), made Swaggart's fall front page news. " There was one little gear that made the little, high, squeaky "hoo! We ran the cord down the hall, into the parking lot and shoved it up the machine. They're walking along with nothing but the rags on their backs.

Twenty year later, as rock 'n' roll continues to push the envelope, becoming more and more pornographic, I find myself reflecting again on that pink and black billboard. " OK, my brand was out, so I hit my second favorite brand... I dropped in the coins again, 'cause that sounded good too. " "I play guitar, piano and cigarette machine." "Dog Eat Dog" As the first few lines imply, this was my political awakening. We had come through the optimism of the '60s, then the apathy of the '70s and finally, the accelerated consumerism of the '80s- the hippie, yippie, yuppie. They're coming to a crossroads; one road leads to slavery; the other leads to death by the side of the trail... You think they're gonna be walking along to an Everly Brothers triad?

The intensity of that plays out in the first year in most relationships. "(You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care" This was my courtship song for Klein. I removed some archaic images- like "tho I give my body to be burned"- things and customs not pertaining to this culture.

"Two Grey Rooms" unfinished demo version DOG EAT DOG "Good Friends" This song went through several rewrites. We were taken to the hospital where Klein took 16 stitches in his tongue and six hours later, we were sent home in a taxi. Broken glass was strewn about- glinting in the morning light.

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