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Enquiries should be directed to : Marcus Gray, Author The Clash : Return Of The Last Gang In Town, c/o Helter Skelter Publishing, 4 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LL. When his parents divorced Mick, aged 8 years old, lived with Stella, his grandmother, at 61, Christchurch House on the busy Christchurch Road, Streatham, South London.

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For the band’s 1982 Japan tour, they brought along San Francisco punk outfit Pearl Harbor and the Explosions, partly for the shock value of the band’s name and at least partly because Paul had been dating frontwoman Pearl E. Following the dissolution of his relationship with Pearl, Paul began seeing Tricia Ronane, who herself became the Clash’s manager, or rather the manager of their business affairs after the band broke up.

They have two sons, both of whom are, unsurprisingly, models.*Lester Bangs may have been motivated to write something snarky about Paul because when he showed up to a punk function wearing flared jeans, Paul and Topper conspired to set them on fire.

Paul grew up in Brixton, an area of South London that at the time was primarily populated by West Indian immigrants, many of whom had arrived in the UK as part of the “Windrush generation” of post-war Afro-Caribbean immigration, a movement encouraged by the British government to counter labor shortages.But I've offended him and my laughter is met with a wounded expression. He was standing up so it was hard for him to see what I was doing.Mick Jones worked here during the IRA's letter bombing campaign. But eventually he started to see how all over him there were these pieces of hair about four or five inches long and...He began learning to play the bass instead, marking the notes on the neck of the instrument with tape and stickers.A classically trained painter, he created banners and backdrops for the band’s live shows, painted a large mural of a car dump in their practice space, and worked extensively on their clothing and general visual impact.

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