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Kim’s best friend “Jill” had two sugar daddies giving her a combined ,000 a month until one got jealous of the other. All I had to do to gain access to the “meeting grounds of the rich and the beautiful” was enter a user name (“Nextdoor_Nicole”); some vitals like age (I lied and said 23, afraid 27 is overripe), marital status (“Do You Care?

” is kind of an exciting choice), and body type (slim); and “Expectation: Select Financial Assistance You Desire,” which ranges up to “more than ,000 per month.” I chose “negotiable,” so as not to seem like a gold digger, I guess, and slapped up a picture my mom took of me last Christmas.

“It’s hard to find a nice guy that’s successful and so isn’t gonna split the bill at Mc Donald’s.” So true.

Thus, three days later, I am pretending to negotiate with Potential Daddy No. He’s looking for a friend, someone he can trust, someone who is younger and hotter than he—and his wife. He just wants to replace his last beloved sugar baby, who, he claims, slept with him four to eight times a week for 0 a pop, which would technically a professional make, but like my first date, he isn’t here to quibble over semantics.

But there are really some pretty compelling reasons to try.” It is the same sentiment that I’ve elicited from a lawyer, who says, “I paid 100 grand to go to law school, and I could make more money on my back,” the same response I get from an executive assistant, a service-industry worker, and a teacher, who hold five degrees between them. After Comey’s testimony in 2007, Mueller’s notes were subpoenaed by Congress as a way of verifying the account (which Bush and then-White House Counsel Alberto Gonzalez offer a differing version of)."I hung up, called Director Mueller, with whom I'd been discussing this particular matter and had been a great help to me over that week -- and told him what was happening," Comey testified.Even Rosen, after asking me how much I’m “worth,” exclaims, “That’s a lot! The man tasked with investigating possible meddling by Russia in the 2016 presidential election – a probe that will likely encompass President Trump’s recent firing of FBI Director James Comey – once called Comey “one of the finest people I’ve ever met.” Robert Mueller, Comey’s predecessor at FBI from 2001-2013, has a lengthy, close and somewhat controversial history with the man suddenly at the center of investigations swirling around Trump. Trump’s critics contend several of his top campaign aides – including onetime campaign chair Paul Manafort, adviser Carter Page and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn – had suspicious, if not illicit, contacts with Kremlin-linked officials.

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C., Mueller as FBI Director and Comey as Deputy Attorney General.

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