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He has a home base so he could take his family with him.

I spend ten months not at home, so if I had a girlfriend or a wife, yes she could travel with me, but can you imagine having kids unable to go to normal school?

David was born in Aachen, Germany, close to the borders with Belgium and the Netherlands, and started playing the violin aged four. Aged 17, at the height of his career, he left for New York, on the pretext of going to visit his brother, by then at Harvard. He was wrong at that point.’His father disowned him, which is why David had to pay his way by modelling for the likes of Armani and appearing in Vogue.

His brother Alex, who is two years older, had already started playing, and whatever his brother had, David wanted too. He auditioned for Juilliard, the prestigious school of music, drama and dance. Was there no money left from all the years spent performing and recording?

‘I try to do breathing meditation for sleep: that usually takes the thoughts away and relaxes my body. David had swaggered onstage, glamorous in a black suit, one hand in his pocket, violin aloft in a wave, and you’d be forgiven for thinking his surname was Cassidy: the audience of mainly women – aged from 11 to over 80 – were screaming.

‘It wasn’t that my brother wasn’t talented,’ says David, ‘but he caved under the pressure, he started crying more than me.’So David began the arduous crawl to excellence: at five he was driven to Holland each weekend to study. We had to pay five or six teachers a month to come to our house.

‘That’s not something I usually like to hear,’ says David, blue eyes twinkling, placing a little cloth over its bottom, and nestling it under his chin. It was finally mine, and I broke it.’ (Repairs took seven months and cost £60,000.)His room – bar the empty cigarette packets (in his dressing room the night before, he had smoked out of the window, waving at fans down below) – is very tidy: he’s a typical Virgo. ‘I have flats in New York and Berlin, I sometimes miss being at home because I know where things are there. I’ve never bought a car in my life; I’d rather collect property.’While David was resplendent in a black suit last night, today he’s in his trademark look: distressed jeans, Union Jack T-shirt, asymmetric Y Project jacket, chunky skull necklaces and rings, hair in a ponytail, strong arms covered in a tattoo that says ‘Rock and roll’. ‘If anybody bought me clothes it was in relationships in New York when I was in college.

You know how women are when they date – “Try this on, try that on.” I wear something I feel comfortable in.

At 13, he was signed to the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon label, which led to him recording, at just 14, all 24 of Paganini’s ‘Caprices’ and playing concerts with the world’s leading orchestras. Basically, they are the frauds, not me.’He tells me he ‘went out a lot in college at weekends when there were no classes’; he never went really wild. Maybe I did it twice or three times in my life, and I got really f***ed the next day with work, and that really bothered me.’Having been home-tutored from the age of eight until he was 17, this was the first time David had something close to a normal life. ”, but then I figured out they were not talking nicely behind my back. Um.’ While he is ‘very close’ to his brother, who has a family and a dog and lives just outside New York City, even his younger sister Elena seems at arm’s length, as he tells me, ‘She’s a musician, she wants to work with me… ‘The worst aspect is being by yourself at the end of the night – it’s not loneliness, but you have to be very secure with yourself and to know what to do with yourself.

To date he has sold 3.5 million albums, and his string of summer open-air shows in Germany is a sellout. ‘My choice was to play music, [it] wasn’t to practise so much, you know, the discipline. I’m OK with those troubled times because they ended up leading me to where I am right now. I learned late that adults are not nice people.’So who is his best friend now? It’s very isolated.’Do the orchestra members resent his stardom?

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Another fan tells me she has been to every concert David has given in the past three years. Says Stefania, ‘He always recognises the work of the orchestra and the other people playing beside him.

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