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Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Evidence and hypotheses, which have not been subjected to an adequate test, do not come within the proper scope of this volume, which, it is hoped, may not be open to the reproach, often brought against summaries, that they resume w^ork which has not yet been done. On the five specified days certain acts are forbidden : the king is not, for instance, to cat meat roasted at the fire, not to put on fineries or offer sacrifice, not to mount his chariot or to sit in state, not to enter the sacred chamber where the gods dwell, not to call in a physician, not to invoke curses on his enemies ; on the other hand, as soon as the day is over, sacrifices * See more fully, on the theological aspects of the tiarratu'e, Ryle s Early Nafratives 0/ G^uifsfs (i Bgi), chaps, i., ii.Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. The impossibility of containing even a rapid survey of all archaeologies within a volume of reasonable bulk has caused the purview of the essayists to be confined to the geographical area from which the culture of Christian Europe has directly sprung, namely, that debatable land of the Near East, where the energetic nature disputes possession with the contemplative, and where have originated the great ideas but not the great institutions of humanity. , or tlie present writer's Srrm4HS on the Old Testament, pp, 4 ff., 163 fl.Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. In regard to Archaeology in general a word must be said by way of preface, since the connotation of the term has come to be ambiguous in ordinary thought and \ VI THE GREATER ARCHAEOLOGY speech ; and^ in fact* it is not used in the same sense at all times by the contributors to this volume. Seven was a mystical nuniber among the Babylonians ; and the ancient syllabaries preserve to us the names of the seven planetary deities, from whom afterwards the days of the week were named.

For the relation of the circumstances of life to life itself he can draw only on his subjective experience acquired beyond a gulf of time or space. After many adventures, he arrives at the ocean which encircles the world ; he crosses it, and afterwards passes the Waters of Death : there the happy island rises in front of him, and he sees P^r-n apish tim, his figure unchanged by age, standing upon its shores.

Being almost inevitably related in some way to our knowledge, they can seldom or never long remain enigmas, stimulating those rank growths of speculation that cumber the ground of prehistoric archaeolog)'. Pir-napishtim's story occupies some 200 lines, and only a few characteristic extracts can be given here.^ He begins (lines 8-31) by narrating how the gods, Anu, Bel, Adar, and Ennugi, had determined to bring a flood upon the earth, and how Ea, " lord of wisdom," had warned him to escape it by building a ship : — * The name was formerly read by Assyriologista (as by George Smith) i^dithar, or Gisdubar, * See more fully Jastrow, fie Ugion 12. The tower referred to has often been supposed to be the ztggurat,^ the ruined remains of which form the huge mound, now called Birs Nimroud.

It is hardly too much to say that there are very few mater iai remains of classic Hellas that are not as intelligible now as when they expressed an existing civilization. 30 HEBREW AUTHORITY [part afterwards the famous capital of Sennacherib, Esarhaddun, and Asshurbanipal, is first mentioned about i Soo B. that Babylon was an older seat of civilization than Nineveh, and that Nineveh was, as we might say, a younger colony, founded from it, are unquestionably correct : not only did Assyria acquire political importance much later than Babylon, but, as the monuments also shew, it was moreover dependent socially and materially upon the older state. Birs Nimroud stands within the site of the ancient Borsippa, a city almost contiguous to Babylon on the south-west, and in the inscriptions called sometimes the '* second Babylon;* This Btgguraty we are told by Nebuchadnezzar, had been built partially by a former king of Babylon, but not com- pleted ; its *' head/' or top, had not been set up ; it had also fallen into disrepair, so that the unbaked bricks forming the interior had been reduced by the rain to a mass of ruins ; and Nebuchadnezzar states that he restored and completed it.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. And, furthermore, since on the one hand the literary documents of the human past need the less seeking^ examining, and ordering, and on the other all sciences with the increase of material tend to restrict their scope, the general opinion has come to identify Archaeology with the study of material docu- ments in chief, and to confine the connotation of the term within some such definition as this, that it is the science of the treatment of the material remains of the human past. ' On the names of the other two rivers, the Pishon and the Gihott, no light has at present heen thrown by archaeology. 65 note)^ from the deiicription in the third tablet of the Creation- epic (lines 132-138) of the feast held by the gods does not really allude to the Fall : see the translations of Delitzsch, p. Of course, it must not be supposed that the Hebrew narrator gives us exact transcripts of what was believed in Babylonia : what rather happened was that echoes of Babylonian beliefs reached Palestine, and supplied materials upon the basis of which he constructed his narrative, A consideration of the theological aspects of this narrative does not fall within the scope of the present volume : it must suffice therefore to remark briefly that it teaches a variety of ethical and theological truths respecting human nature, — such as its relation to God, its moral and spiritual capabilities, the relations subsisting between the sexes, the psychology of temptation^ how man awoke to consciousness of a moral law, and how, almost as soon as he became conscious of it, he broke it — in a figurative or allegorical form, the details not being true in a literal sense, but being profoundly true in a symbolical sense. as representing in a symbolical or pictorial form real facts of human nature and real stages through which human nature actually passed.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . com/ 9^ AUTHORITY AND ARCHAEOLOGY SACRED AND PROFANE AUTHORITY AND ARCHAEOLOGY SACRED AND PROFANE ESSAYS ON THE RELATION OF MONUMENTS TO BIBLICAL AND CLASSICAL LITERATURE BY S. This, then, is the Lesser Archaeology, a science clearly outlined and not unduly extensive. 20 HEBREW AUTHORITY [part In its interior is tlie sun -god, Tammuz, Between the mouths of the rivers (which are) on both sides. * The passage quoted by Sayc e, Verdict of the Monuments^ p. If the view here advocated be correct, the materials upon which this figurative or symbolical representation was constructed were derived, at least largely, from Babylonia. exhibits the line of Adam's descendants, through Seth, for ten generatlon Si to Noah, with dates, adapted to give a pfctore of the increasing poptilation of the earth, and to convey an idea of the length of the first period of the hiitory of humanity, as it was pictured by the narrator.

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  1. Other concept art, some very recent, and some dating back even to before Nightfall depicts men and women with a range of weapons, including maces, dual-wielded spears, javelins, halberds, dual-handed swords and dual-wielded axes.