Mvn error updating group repository metadata

In this article you will learn how to write a Jenkins CI Plugin and how to use the REST API from the Sonatype Nexus repository.

I am using Maven and Jersey (JAX-RS) for the project. I hope this blog will encourage you to write your own Jenkins plugins and share them with the community. There comes a time in every developers life when you need write your own extension, addon or plugin when using open source software.

This section assumes that you have acquired an License] and credentials for the Mule Soft Enterprise Maven customer repository, which allows you to access Mule Enterprise modules, connectors, and other components not included in the trial or community versions.

After that we will enhance the plugin to do some actual work and add custom metadata to the artifact in the Nexus repository.In order to use the maven-hpi-plugin you need to add the following to your Maven that you find under $HOME/.m2/│ └── de │ └── mb │ └── Hello World └── resources ├── de │ └── mb │ └── Hello World Builder │ ├── config.jelly │ ├── global.jelly │ ├── │ └── help-use └── [email protected]:~/workspaces/jenkins/nexus-metadata-plugin$ tree .├── └── src └── main ├── java │ └── de │ └── mb │ └── Hello World └── resources ├── de │ └── mb │ └── Hello World Builder │ ├── config.jelly │ ├── global.jelly │ ├── │ └── help-use └── index.jelly You will find a section that looks like the following diagram.Another Open Source Repository that offers the same functionality is Artifactory from JFrog. In both cases you need the Pro Version to add metadata to artifacts.To setup Nexus follow these steps: Under the same section you will find the Core Documentation as well.

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