Magwitch is portrayed as an intimidating

I believe Charles Dickens was inspired by his own life.

When he was 12, his father was imprisoned for debt, during this time Dickens was sent to work in a boot-blacking factory.

In the novel I believe that Dickens portrays his life through the protagonist Pip.

Many other books written by Dickens are also written from his experiences in life like Oliver Twist and Hard Times.

The fact that Pip is also the narrator of the story makes it more instructive, because he is able to interpret the meaning of what is happening, as well as see it through a child’s eyes.

The first person narrative makes the readers relate to Pip more, making us feel very sympathetic towards him.

Dickens ironically uses the word “Tickler” for the stick that Mrs. The word tickle suggests a tingling or itching sensation, as from light touches or strokes.

But, in the novel, “Tickler” suggests extremely harsh and painful beatings.

In the opening of the novel, Pip is faced with a mysterious encounter with an escaped convict, Magwitch.Beyond the churchyard is “dark flat wilderness” which shows which state Pip might have been living in “intersected with dykes and mounds and gates,” in comparison to today’s London city the setting is very old and poor showing how very different the 1860’s where compared to the 21st Century.Throughout the novel, Dickens follows this pattern by using weather, time of day or night, and morbid locations (Miss Havisham’s house, and the cemetery) to reflect the harsh times in Pip’s life.Dickens entraps the reader playing with their emotions.The reader sees the way in which Pip reacts to others; this shows the reader that Pip is a polite young boy through the use of his dialogue.

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The fear he faces from the convict leaves the reader feeling protective towards central character Pip.

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