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Absurd Pop Song Romance came out in Japan on Blue Dolphin with two bonus tracks (Musclehead & a live version of Cocksucker Club).

Pileup was issued in the UK on CD by Damaged Goods.

If the other person breaks this trust and respect in any way it’s time to look after yourself and yourself only.

You have a good rapport, you may not have feelings for them but you care about them, even just a little.

Eventually they realise they love each other and they want more than just the physical connection and they all live happily ever after. Before you know it, things are getting serious and that’s when a message from your f*ck buddy pops up, “Hey, what night are you free this week? Firstly, you have two options: Ah, the age-old trick.

What once was ignoring someone’s phone calls and creepy house drive-bys has turned into ignoring their Facebook and text messages, sub tweets and snapchats.

) / Hockey Hair / Headbanger /Breaking The Law / Political Asshole / Male Model / Valentine's Day / Expiration Date 01/97 /The Summer You Let Your Hair Grow Out (Acoustic) / He Could Be The One / On Any Other Day/Negative Queen (Stripped Bare) / Sweet Pain / One Night Stand / Two Way Ass / Bunnies (Live) /Manada (Version Quebecois) / Fem In A Black Leather Jacket (Demo) Horny In The Morning / Vanilla / I Really Wanted You / Dick Of Death / Expiration Date /The Summer You Let Your Hair Grow Out / Wish I'd Taken Pictures / Pillow Talk / This Is Your Life /Don't Be So Sure / Kevin / The Ache / Pee Shy / Sidewalk Sale I Can't Sleep / Ring Of Joy / Fuck Buddy / Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other / Flower / Cry For A Shadow / Real Men / Bill & Ted'S Homosexual Adventure /Jack U Off / Strip U Down / Jackson / Big Bottom / Touch My Joe Camel / The Biggest Lie / Denny (Naked) / Femme Fatale / Trash / Homo Christmas / C. Also also: Wish I'd Taken Pictures was released on vinyl and CD in Canada on Mint Records, and in Europe on Dekonkurrent.

Life Lovers2 Fem In A Black Leather Jacket / 3 ANTHEM / 4 I'm Gonna Be A Slut /5 Horny In The Morning / 6 Dick Of Death / 7 Bad Boyfriend / 8 The Summer You Let Your Hair Grow Out / 9 Spiral / 10 Denny (Naked) /11 Boyfriend Wanted / 12 Luv Luv Luv / 13 James Bondage /14 Vanilla / 15 Alpine Skiing / 16 Bunnies / 17 Groovy Underwear / 18 No Protection / 19 Sweet Insecurity / 20 Deep Water / 21 You're Gonna Need Your Friends / 22 The Best Revenge / 23 Negative Queen (Stripped Bare) / 24 Headbanger / 25 Political Asshole / 26 I Can't Sleep / 27 I Really Wanted You / 28 The Cocksucker Club / 29 Homo Christmas / 30 He Whipped My Ass In Tennis (Then I Fucked His Ass In Bed) / 31 Two Way Ass (unlisted bonus track)DVD: Hippy Dude / Homo Christmas / Touch My Joe Camel / I Really Wanted You / Manada / Bad Boyfriend / Vicious Beauty / Fem In A Black Leather Jacket (live) / The Cocksucker Club (live) / Fuck Buddy (live) / Versatile (live) / Bad Boyfriend (live) / interview / You're Gonna Need Your Friends (live) / The Best Revenge (live)Who Treats You Right / Blurry Down Below / When He Comes Home / Too Many Hoops / Spiral / Saddest Song / No Protection / Alpine Skiing / Not Good Enough For You / Scared To Death / I'm Alright / First Betrayal / Sleeping In The Cold / He Whipped My Ass In Tennis (Then I Fucked His Ass In Bed) / Total Entertainment / plus unlisted track: At The Mall February 17/Sweet Insecurity / It'll Never Be The Same / Better Off Just Friends / Too Beautiful /Luv Luv Luv / The Best Revenge / Bad Boyfriend / You're Gonna Need Your Friends / Tinted Windows / Glenview / Used To Turn Me On / Obstacle Course / Vicious Beauty (Note: there was a Japanese release of this CD on the Dolphin Entertainment label which featured two bonus tracks, Cocksucker Club (live) and Headbanger.)I'm Gonna Be A Slut / Manada / Pretty Boy (What's Your Name? / Smells Like Queer Spirit Reciprocate / Groovy Underwear / Anonymous / James Bondage / Negative Queen / Denny /Rachbottomoff / Beercan Boy / Kissed / A Song Of Remembrance For Old Boyfriends / Deep Water /Not Enough Of You To Go Around / New Pleasures / Homosapien Versatile / Fem In A Black Leather Jacket / Bunnies / Boyfriend Wanted / The Story So Far /Hippy Dude / Curvature / The Cocksucker Club / Crabby Day / Luck Of The Draw / Rock And Roll Queer Bar / Surrender Your Clothing / Anthem Several PD studio recordings that do not appear on any of our full-length albums have been released on singles and compilations: Coming Clean (on the Average Men 7”) Your Loss I Know Your Type (on the split 7” with Skinjobs)I Can Make You A Man (on the The 45s versions of Homosapien and I Really Wanted You are different recordings than the album versions.

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