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Balance the family photos with you doing something fun—like hanging out at a stadium—so I have a better idea of what our time together will be like.” –James, 42“If the woman’s photos are only with friends, I automatically think she is shy and insecure about her looks.

I would like to see a confident picture of her by herself doing something she loves.

The closer your profiles reflect who you really are, what you look like and what your values are, the better your success will be.

We’ll take a look at more dating tips in future editions.

If you say you like ‘a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously,’ this gives me insight into your personality.” –Dan, 32“I like when her profile shows a little sarcasm and spunk.

Of course, don’t say you’re sleeping on your brother’s couch. Players like you need to learn that putting your priorities straight is what keeps you off that couch. You’re not ready to date yet.)If you’re really trying to be honest without looking pathetic you might say “I am in a transitional period right now and though my resources are meager, my principles are solid”.I get, on average, three offers a week from my online dating profiles.While this may not sound like much at first, I have been online dating for nearing two decades now, so it adds up to a tremendous number of “suitable” matches.Ok, sure, we don’t want to come right out with our flaws, but I can assure you that working to be deceptive in your profile will only make attracting equally deceptive people more likely (or maybe that’s your bag. No, what really works over time is to just be yourself, cliché as it is. If you’re fresh from a divorce, don’t be afraid to say that you haven’t been in the gene pool in some time.3. While you may have drama in your life, don’t make your profile about anything negative in your life, or be sure to express any negativity as just part of the “shit happens” rule.Women will be very forgiving of past errors if you are sincere and forthright about them.

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That gives me something to talk about.” –Javier, 30“Women that have pictures of themselves doing stupid and dorky things are always a plus to me—it shows a “I like a more natural photo, just the beautiful girl and her vibrant smile.

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