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If an older man hasn't had the chance to father a child, he seeks a younger woman for this specific purpose.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely against the use of SMS messaging, email, Facebook, My Space and the like, but I much prefer good old fashioned face-to-face encounters when I talk with my buddies.…

This couple is not very good at socializing and they prefer to be left alone to enjoy their own fantasy world.

Together, this couple leads a happy romantic life which makes a happy home.

In this Love relationship, both the Cancer woman and Taurus Man have the thirst to satisfy each other’s needs which creates a very compatible relationship between them.

It took doctors three months to figure out why I was having trouble completing a full meal without filling up and experiencing intense pressure ...

I will soon celebrate my 62nd birthday, and on January 24 I celebrated my 6th anniversary of being cancer free.

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