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But what do you take with you in your jersey pockets to make sure you're prepared for nearly all eventualities?

Especially here in the beautiful Dolomites where the weather can be cruel as well as kind.

There seems to be a lot of discussion about oil prices and its impact on stock prices Will it be a major factor at play next week? The kind of fall in oil prices that we have witnessed recently have not been witnessed since 1990s People are concerned that the fall may become precipitous and increase in intensity in the days to come The oil prices have been falling for the reason the supply of oil has been exceeding demand US Shale gas and OPEC price cuts are not being able to overcome the demand aspect Just because has be falling that doesn't mean that it will keep falling in a straight line There could be a short-term reversal though medium to long term trend is downward Oil seems to be in oversold territory Many industries such as paints and tyres which use oil have been benefiting from falling oil prices If oil turns around some of the gains accruing to the airline industry and tyre industry may also get reversed The factors towards correction accumulating for some time will increase in force this week Trade disagreement between US and Germany, Brexit issue for UK and India's discussion with US on IT are issues that will pressure markets There are a lot of negative factors. The number of declines are far more than advances The trend will continue. There could be an sudden upside by the middle of the week That should be used by investors to exit rather than create fresh positions The trend is very much downward.


IT' S MAINLY THAT LATE AFTERNOON Trying to Feel Confident as a Female Director - Duration: .

And a handy little tip is this, you can also conceal your mini pump wrapped up in your rain cape. (chill music) Next on the agenda is the left-hand pocket. And also available from GCN are Poc-Pacs, and that'll keep your valuables and your phone safe and away from moisture. And depending on the weather conditions, and always before a big event, check the weather of forecast, a good place for a pair of light gloves as well.

Ideal place for your phone, and a handy little tip, inside your phone case, is to put a bank card, some form of identification, and a little bit of cash. Now there's still a little bit of room in there, so a handy place to stow a pair of arm warmers. (calm music) Next up is the right-hand pocket, and we're gonna place our food in here.

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  1. The reason for this drastic shift: A head-on car crash that nearly killed her and left her severely disfigured."I had no eye socket, no cheek bone, no nose, a broken jaw, two punctured lungs, too many punctures in my intestines to count, all my ribs on one side were broken -- yeah, was I lucky to live," she told me over the phone.